Projects undertaken by DCI include the following -
Bridge and Transportation Structures:
AWI South Capitol Street Corridor Bridges - DDOT
AWI 11th Street Corridor Bridges - DDOT
Curved steel girder bridge analysis, design and rating - West Virginia
Live load rating of a 900-ft 4-lane divided roadway structure - Fairfax,
Box culvert modification - Fairfax, Virginia
Roadway bridge structure inspection - Fairfax, Virginia
Renovation Structures:
Asphalt plant foundation design - Okeechobee, Florida
Concrete garage ramp and tunnel slab - Fairfax, Virginia
Commercial storage building roof steel joist modification for RTU
replacement - Fairfax, Virginia
Garage deck slab expansion joint replacement - Fairfax, Virginia  
Roadway structure expansion joint replacement - Fairfax, Virginia          
Building Structures:
Multistory lightwood frame building with elevator - Nokesville, VA
Masonry storage building - Manassas, Virginia
Light wood frame commercial storage building - Triangle, VA
Concrete handicap ramp - Fairfax, Virginia
Subdivision swimming pool wood deck design
Landscape Structures:
Concrete retaining walls - Fairfax, Virginia
Entrance feature free standing masonry walls and piers - Fairfax
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