Consulting services offered are listed below.  The firm's aggregate experience
was derived from numerous years of employment with top engineering firms in
Virginia, Florida and Massachusetts.
Bridge and transportation structures analysis and design:
Building structures analysis and design:
low rise concrete, timber, masonry or steel buildings
light gage steel
storage warehouse
slabs on grade for parking lots
Building condition investigation and analysis:
concrete or steel buildings and miscellaneous structures
commercial building parking garages and access ramps
expansion joint systems
waterproofing systems
Landscape structures analysis and design:
Free standing and retaining masonry, stone or concrete walls
Subdivision and building entrance features
Construction Services Administration:
Submittal reviews
On-site construction management
As-built plans review
Structure and Property Perimeter Force Protection
steel bridges including HPS, straight or curved
concrete bridges including precast girders and deck beams
foundation analysis including spread footings, piles and drilled shafts
traffic signal pole foundations
concrete manhole design under aircraft and truck live loading
excavation supports using timber lagging or sheet piles
bridge steel and concrete rebar shop drawing reviews   
Dadson Consulting, Inc.
Dedication and Experience